What is The Flurry

The Flurry is...

The Flurry is kind of like The Blizzard’s little brother, an easily digestible morsel delivered direct to your inbox on a bi-monthly(ish) basis. Not in danger of keeping you confined to your house for several days like a Blizzard, it’s more something that’s pretty to look at and forgotten about with the next day’s sunrise. It’s not full of the hard-sell and loads of marketing guff, either, it’s just a little bit extra from us to you and exactly the sort of thing you’d like to have occasionally crop up in your life.

It'll have news on our Q&A events, links to articles and previews of upcoming issues from the editor, the odd competition, and some brand new exclusive content from our stable of Blizzard contributors from time to time, too. We aim to send them out every couple of weeks, but we'll only do so when we've got something worth saying. If you're a subscriber and you'd like a reminder of when the next issue will be available, the Flurry is where that's at, too. 

If you'd like to receive it, fill in your details in the newsletter sign-up box on the right hand side of the page.

As we’re careful to make sure that we only send emails to people who want to receive them, you’ll need to check your emails to confirm that you want to receive The Flurry. If you don’t click the confirmation link that we’ll immediately send out to you, you won’t go on our list.