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Issue Twenty Eight | Memories

A Sense of Belonging

Lukas Vrablik

Andi Herzog reflects on success at Rapid, frustration at Bayern and being assistant coach with the USA

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Issue Twenty Eight | Pastures New

Old Drog, New Tricks

Nick Said

Didier Drogba and his attempt to establish Phoenix as an MLS side

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Issue Twenty Seven | Foreigners

The Unquiet American

Toke Moller Theilade

In 1990, as the Soviet Union collapsed, a US footballer signed for Lokomotiv Moscow

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Issue Twenty Two | New Ground

Do You Know The Way?

Sam Wetherall

What San Jose Earthquakes tell us about the condition of Major League Soccer

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Issue Twenty Two | New Ground

Football Hustlers

Paul Brown

The doomed attempts to establish a football league in the USA in the 19th century

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Issue Twenty | Experience

Fading Embers

Jake Walerius

With most of MLS booming, what’s gone wrong for Chicago Fire?

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Issue Fourteen | The Revolutionaries

A Passage to Indiana

Gunnar Persson

The Swedish great Murren Carlsson’s doomed attempt to make it in the USA

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Issue Twelve | Against the Odds

And Not to Yield

Richard Jolly

Only one sportsman can match Ryan Giggs for longevity: the New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter

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Issue Ten | Polemics

Importing “¡Puto!”

Nicolas Poppe

What a chant reveals about attitudes to homosexuality in US stadiums

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Issue Four | Polemics

Pelé v Beckham

Pete Grathoff

Which of the icons had the greater impact on football in the USA?

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Issue Two | Polemics

Too Fast, Too Furious?

James Grossi

Why have so many creative players suffered such dreadful injuries in the MLS this season?

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Issue One | Fortunes of War

Stars of David

James Montague

The astonishing story of Israel's first national team

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Issue Zero | Stony Ground

First Time Around

Michael Orr

As Portland celebrates winning an MLS franchise, memories are stirred of the Timbers’ debut season in the NASL

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