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Issue Twenty Eight | Brexit

Empire and Entitlement

David Winner

As Britain staggers like a belligerent drunk towards Brexit, let’s try to see things from a future historian’s perspecti...

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Issue Twenty Eight | Brexit

Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?

Anthony Clavane

Globalisation, the Third Way, the Premier League and the Brexit backlash against elites

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Issue Twenty Eight | Brexit

The War for Truth

Jonathan Wilson

Football, social media and the erosion of faith in the institution of journalism

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Issue Twenty Seven | Foreigners

The Unquiet American

Toke Moller Theilade

In 1990, as the Soviet Union collapsed, a US footballer signed for Lokomotiv Moscow

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Issue Twenty Seven | Pastures New

The River

James Montague

How Miodrag Belodedici escaped Romania and won the European Cup for a second time

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Issue Twenty Five | Politics

Left Wing

Christopher Shoop-Worrall

Socialism's early struggle to come to terms with the popularity of football

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Issue Twenty Five | Politics

Standing in Opposition

Christopher Lash

How Stanisław Terlecki and Roman Kosecki opposed the Polish state

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Issue Twenty Four | Cup of Nations

The Glory and the Grief

Jonathan Wilson

Cameroon’s brilliantly unexpected victory couldn’t eradicate doubts about Gabon’s hosting of the tournament

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Issue Twenty Four | Yorkshire

The Old Divide

Tim Wigmore

Beyond the obvious big four, northern football is struggling against the economic tide

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Issue Twenty Four | Yorkshire

The Death of Hope

Anthony Clavane

The decline of heavy industry, the collapse of Yorkshire football and the sad logic of Brexit

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Issue Twenty Four | The Rise of the East

After the Killing Fields

Rob Kirby

Cambodian football is on the way back after being all but destroyed under the Khmer Rouge

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Issue Twenty Three | Introduction

Editor's Note

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson's Editor's Note from Issue Twenty Three

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Issue Twenty Three | Tangled Webs

FAT Shaming

John Duerden

The complicated machinations that followed the downfall of Worawi Makudi

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Issue Twenty Two | Leaders

The Politician

Juliet Jacques

Lilian Thuram talks about 1998, social cohesion and the importance of football as a political tool

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Issue Twenty | Scandal

Crime and Punishment?

James Corbett

The political ramifications of the Fenerbahçe match-fixing case

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Issue Twenty | Odd Games

Shamrock Rovers v Brazil

Nick Miller

At the height of the Troubles, a united Ireland side took on the world champions and nearly won

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Issue Eighteen | Foundations

The Ball Game Bulganin

John Harding

It’s 60 years since Jimmy Guthrie led the Professional Footballers Association into the TUC

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Issue Eighteen | Copa América

The Caravan of Death

Carl Worswick

El Estadio Nacional, where the final was won, played a central role in the aftermath of Pinochet’s coup

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Issue Eighteen | Eight Bells

Head Boys

Naomi Westland

A selection of heads of states who, for better or worse, have dabbled in football

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Issue Sixteen | Groundwork

Building the Dream

James Corbett

As the political wrangling continues over Qatar’s World Cup, what’s the reality on the ground?

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Issue Sixteen | Interview


James Young

The former Brazil striker explains how he expressed his opposition to the dictatorship

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Issue Sixteen | Sierra Leone

The President

Joanna Howarth

How Isha Johansson has risen to lead the Sierra Leonean Football Association

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Issue Fourteen | Past Glories

Orbán Planning

Dan Nolan

The Hungarian prime minister’s attempts to restore the national team to glory

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Issue Fourteen | The Revolutionaries

Football’s First Millionaire

John Harding

How Bolton’s Jack Slater smashed class barriers to make his fortune

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Issue Thirteen | Protagonists

The Multi-Kulti Question

Mike Phillips

How the Switzerland national team became part of the debate on immigration

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Issue Ten | Forgotten

The Dreamers

Philippe Auclair

Amid the protests of 1968, a group of journalists took French football leaders hostage

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Issue Nine | For the Good of the Game

Power Play

James Corbett

The Asian Football Confederation's presidential elections highlight football's murky governance

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Issue Eight | Cyprus

The Wrong Side of the Border

Jacob Steinberg

After decades of stalemate, Northern Cypriot football may be about to come in from the cold

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Issue Eight | Africa

The Great Administrator

Tom Dunmore

How Ydnekatchew Tessema led the fight to have African football taken seriously

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Issue Seven | El Dorado

The Ball and the Gun

Carl Worswick

After a political rival was murdered, the Colombian government set up the world's richest league

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Issue Six | Portugal

The Curse of the Golden Whistle

Ben Shave

How corruption and inefficiency have squandered the legacy of Euro 2004.

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Issue Six | Theory

The Rise of the Technocrats

Tim Vickery

How attitudes to the dictatorship shape Brazil's change of approach in the seventies

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Issue Six | The Lost

The Paper Tiger

David Bartram

How politics and society have stood in the way of a Chinese boom

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Issue Five | Interview


David Tryhorn

The former Brazil captain talks about why footballers have a political responsibility

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Issue Five | Fall

My Name is Ally MacLeod and I am a Winner

Dominic Sandbrook

How Scotland’s humiliation at the 1978 World Cup knocked nationalism off course

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Issue Four | Barcelona

The Other Rival, Another Way

Scott Oliver

When the nastiest rivalry in Spain was between Barcelona and Athletic

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Issue Four | Africa

Ultra Violence

David Lynch

After the horrors of Port Said, the exact role of ultras in the downfall of Hosny Mubarak remains unclear

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Issue Four | Polemics

Continental Drift

Rob Langham

Kazakhstan has slipped behind Uzbekistan since it abandoned Asia

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Issue Three | New Beginnings

A Crisis of Legitimacy

Brian Oliver

Kenyan clubs are leading the fight against corruption in their football association

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Issue Two | In Argentina

La Historia de los Piñeyros

Rupert Fryer

A fictional account of one family's experience of the 1978 World Cup

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Issue One | Leeds


Dominic Sandbrook

How ignominious exits overshadow the successes of a US president and a Leeds United manager

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Issue One | Grass Roots

Marsh Attacks

Simon Hooper

How a Sunday League team gives London's Romanians a sense of identity

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Issue Zero | Going Wrong

An African Parable

Luke Alfred

For African teams, it’s often after qualifying for the World Cup that the real challenge begins

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Issue Zero | Stony Ground

Matters of Blood

Andy Brassell

The travails of Corsica’s football clubs reflect the struggles of the island and its quest for autonomy

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Issue Zero | Theory

The Dutch Style and the Dutch Nation

Simon Kuper

How the Netherlands’ move away from liberalism is reflected in its football

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Issue Zero | Theory

The Search for Space

Michael Cox

How a theory of political polling explains why New Labour was like Dennis Bergkamp

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