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Issue Twenty Nine | World Cup Memories (20th Century)

Nothing Turns Away

Mardean Isaac

The World Cup final and the profound agony of Roberto Baggio

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Issue Twenty Seven | Foreigners

The Wrong Foreigner

Michael Walker

Leaving Arsenal for Juventus in 1980 was a huge step but Liam Brady thrived in Italy

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Issue Twenty Two | Leaders

The Unlucky Man

Tom Collomosse

Alessandro Nesta was highly respected and hugely successful but his was a career dogged by misfortune

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Issue Fifteen | Strikers

A Season in Turin

Dominic Bliss

Man-marking, training without the ball and a car crash: Denis Law on his year in Serie A

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Issue Fifteen | The Sense of an Ending

On the Road

Alessandro Mastrolucca

25 years ago the Cosenza midfielder Denis Bergamini was run over by a truck. Was it murder?

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Issue Fourteen | The Revolutionaries

Rise and Fall of Castel Rigone

Pedar Foss

The entrepreneur, the village team and the experiment in humanistic capitalism

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Issue Thirteen | History

The Grandmaster

Michael Cox

How Marcello Lippi used chess tactics to guide Italy to victory at the 2006 World Cup

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Issue Thirteen | Greatest Games

Italy 3 Brazil 2

Rob Smyth and Scott Murray

World Cup second phase, Group C, Estadi de Sarrià, Barcelona, Spain, 5 July 1982

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Issue Eleven | Exile

The Lost Legend

James Horncastle

Árpád Weisz was one of Serie A’s first great coaches. He was also Jewish.

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Issue Nine | Greatest Games

Bari 4 Internazionale 1

Rory Smith

Serie A, Stadio San Nicola, Bari, 6 January 1996

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Issue Nine | Eight Bells

Goalless Draws

Jonathan Wilson

A selection of the best 0-0s in history

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Issue Eight | In Appreciation of...

Franco Baresi

Sheridan Bird

How the great libero staged a remarkable recovery from a knee injury to play in the 1994 World Cup final

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Issue Seven | Greatest Games

Lazio 4 Ipswich Town 2

Dominic Bliss

Uefa Cup, second round, second leg, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, 7 November 1973

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Issue Seven | Seven Bells

Fouls and Fisticuffs

Scott Murray

A selection of unsavoury incidents we're supposed to condemn

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Issue Six | Theory

The Second Coming

Federico Farcomeni

Zdenĕk Zeman talks about attacking, romance and his challenge after returning to Roma this season

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Issue Five | Theory

Roy the Rover

Philippe Auclair

Roy Hodgson explains how his travels have shaped his coaching philosophy

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Issue Five | Theory

Like a Shooting Star

Luca Ferrato

How Ternana soared and then crashed with Corrado Viciani’s high-tempo style

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Issue Three | In Appreciation of...

Angelo di Livio

Michael Cox

How the midfielder's loyalty inspired Fiorentina's return from bankruptcy

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Issue Two | The Media

The Man who Made Calcio

James Horncastle

How Gianni Brera shaped the language and style of Italian football

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Issue Two | Italia 90

A Sentimental Journey

Gabriele Marcotti

The 1990 World Cup as experienced by a teenage Italian

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Issue Two | Eight Bells

Finals Before the Final

Jacob Steinberg

A selection of eight games that really shouldn't have been wasted on the earlier rounds

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