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Issue Twenty Eight | Brexit

Empire and Entitlement

David Winner

As Britain staggers like a belligerent drunk towards Brexit, let’s try to see things from a future historian’s perspecti...

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Issue Twenty Six | Competitions

New Horizons

Luke Edwards

How England converted a Premier League writer to the charm of the women’s game

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Issue Twenty Five | Revolutions

The Quiet Man

Vladimir Novak

Sven-Göran Eriksson on England, tactics and the rise of China

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Issue Twenty Four | A Question of Identity

1996 and All That

David Stubbs

The glorious summer when all things seemed possible, and the failure of promise

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Issue Twenty One | Impression: England 1966

Golden Anniversary

Amy Lawrence

A people’s history of the 1966 and England’s only ever success at a major tournament

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Issue Seventeen | Greatest Games

Scotland 3 England 1

Paul Brown

Home International, Hampden Park, Glasgow, 17 April 1937

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Issue Twelve | Greatest Games

England 1 West Germany 1*

Rob Smyth

World Cup semi-final, 4 July 1990, Stade delle Alpi, Turin

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Issue Nine | Eight Bells

Goalless Draws

Jonathan Wilson

A selection of the best 0-0s in history

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Issue Eight | In Appreciation of...

Ireland's Pioneers

David Owen

This year marks the centenary of Ireland's first victory over England

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Issue Zero | Going Wrong

How Roy Race Ruined English Football

Scott Murray

He may be Britain’s most popular comic footballer, but Roy of the Rovers embodies everything that is wrong about the English game

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