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Issue Twenty Eight | Greatest Games

Real Madrid 1 Barcelona 0

Paolo Condo

Copa del Rey final, 20 April 2011, Mestalla, Valencia

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Issue Twenty Seven | Foreigners

An Englishman Abroad

Tom Williams

Gary Lineker looks back on his time at Barcelona and his tempestuous relationship with Johan Cruyff

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Issue Eighteen | Foundations

The Nietzschean Dream of Barcelona

Uriah Kriegel

Luis Enrique found the perfect blend of Apollonian and Dionysian to reinvigorate Barça

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Issue Seventeen | Polemics

Against Sanitised Football

Alexander Shea

Can fans fight back against clubs who seek to ignore their history for bland branding?

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Issue Fifteen | Theory

Pep Talk

Marti Pararnu

How Guardiola inspired Bayern Munich before the Super Cup shoot-out against Chelsea

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Issue Twelve | The Rivals

Power Play

Sid Lowe

Carles Rexach and Jorge Valdano discuss the changing nature of the Real Madrid-Barcelona rivalry

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Issue Twelve | The Rivals


Miguel Delaney

Johan Cruyff on his role in creating the style of Barcelona and modern football

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Issue Eleven | Referees

The Psychologist

Ben Lyttleton

Tom Henning Øvrebø on man-management and that game at Stamford Bridge

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Issue Nine | Theory

Pep's Four Golden Rules

Simon Kuper

How Guardiola made Barcelona the masters of the pressing game

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Issue Nine | Eight Bells

Goalless Draws

Jonathan Wilson

A selection of the best 0-0s in history

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Issue Eight | Theory

The Bicycle Thief

Lars Sivertsen

Zlatan Ibrahimović has always been an individual — it's how he fits in

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Issue Four | Barcelona

The Inverted Sheepdog

Graham Hunter

The inside story of how Xavi emerged as the central hub of the world's greatest team

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Issue Four | Barcelona

Corrida of Uncertainty

David Winner

How the cruelty of tiki-taka resembles bull-fighting

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Issue Four | Barcelona

The Other Rival, Another Way

Scott Oliver

When the nastiest rivalry in Spain was between Barcelona and Athletic

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Issue Two | Eight Bells

Finals Before the Final

Jacob Steinberg

A selection of eight games that really shouldn't have been wasted on the earlier rounds

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Issue Zero | Theory

Xavi and the Square Pass

Musa Okwonga

How going sideways became the future

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Issue Zero | Eight Bells

European Cup Upsets

Rob Smyth

A selection of eight of the European Cup's most unexpected results

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