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Issue Twenty Seven | Foreigners

The Wrong Foreigner

Michael Walker

Leaving Arsenal for Juventus in 1980 was a huge step but Liam Brady thrived in Italy

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Issue Twenty Six | Stadiums


Philippe Auclair

A blend of Art Deco grandeur and ordinariness that meant it fitted perfectly

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Issue Twenty | Odd Games

Dinamo Moscow v Arsenal

Jon Spurling

In 1954 Arsenal travelled to the USSR. It proved a chastening experience

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Issue Sixteen | Theory

Pedestrian and Backward

Jon Spurling

How Ron Greenwood tried to instil a Hungarian approach at Arsenal

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Issue Fifteen | Strikers

A Game for Individuals

Thierry Marchand and Philippe Auclair

Thierry Henry reflects on how football has changed in his 20 years at the top

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Issue Fifteen | Theory


Amy Lawrence

Arsène Wenger, the Invincibles and the transformation of Arsenal’s philosophy

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Issue Fifteen | Eight Bells


Rob Smyth

A selection of champions who surrendered their titles in decisive fashion

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Issue Thirteen | Protagonists

The Artist’s Boy

Leo Verheul

Robin van Persie was shaped by the Rotterdam in which he grew up

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Issue Seven | Polemics

In Arsène We Trust

Zach Slaton

However frustrating this season, the numbers suggest Arsenal would be worse off without Arsène Wenger

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Issue Two | Theory

Wenger, l’Auteur

Miguel Delaney

What Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Cimino and the Hollywood of the seventies tell us about Arsenal

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Issue One | Interview

Dennis Bergkamp

David Winner

Dennis Bergkamp talks about his greatest goals, the nature of genius and the importance of predicting the future

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Issue Zero | Theory

The Search for Space

Michael Cox

How a theory of political polling explains why New Labour was like Dennis Bergkamp

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