Issue Twenty Four

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Issue Twenty Four contains our usual blend of the esoteric and enduring. The full contents are listed below:

This Issue

Jonathan Wilson, Editor's Note

Cup of Nations

Jonathan Wilson, The Glory and the Grief - Cameroon and their brilliantly unexpected victory could not eradicate doubts about Gabon and its hosting of the tournament

Nick Ames, A New Broom - Hugo Broos on how he made Cameroon side derided as the worst in a generation into champions


Tim Wigmore, The Old Divide - Beyond the obvious big four, northern football is struggling against the economic tide

Anthony Clavane, The Death of Hope - The decline of heavy industry, the collapse of Yorkshire football and the sad logic of Brexit

Gary Hartley, Identity Crisis - Leeds United, playing the right way and what we demand from our clubs

Richard Lapper, A City Apart - Wednesday, United and the strange case of football in Sheffield

The Rise of the East

Peter Frankopan, The Shifting Axis - In politics, in economics, in football, the role of Asia is becoming more significant

William Bi, Raising the Dragon - After all the investment in the league, is the China national team showing signs of improvement?

Joshua D Bateman, Inside the Revolution - Demba Ba and Ryan Johnson discuss their experiences playing in the Chinese League

Rob Kirby, After the Killing Fields - Cambodian football is on the way back after being all but destroyed under the Khmer Rouge

Photo Essay

David Shaw, Cambodia's Olympic Stadium

A Question of Identity

Shaul Adar, Leaving La Familia - David Mizrahai explains why he left the notorious Beitar Ultra group and what has happened since

David Stubbs, 1996 and All That - The glorious summer when all things seemed possible and the failure of promise

Michael Yokhin, The Sad Success of Dinamo Tibilisi - David Kipiani, Vitaly Daraselia and how death haunted Georgia and their greatest team

Martin da Cruz, The No-So Crazy English - How a British-inspired tactical reform transformed Uruguay into a the first global power

East Germany

Kit Holden, The Ost Boys - Twenty-six years after reunification, there is only one East German team in the Bundesliga

Matt Ford, The Real Leipzig? - As RB Leipzig challenge in the Bundesliga, the old derby still takes place in the city

Greatest Games

Tom Reynolds, Luton Town 3 Grimsby Town 2 - League Division One, Kenilworth Road, Luton, 10 February 1996

Eight Bells

Richard Jolly, Inauspicious Starts - A selection of successful managerial reigns have begun inauspiciously

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