Issue Three

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This Issue

Jonathan Wilson, Editor's Note


Igor Rabiner, Fallen Idol - The decline of Spartak Moscow is inextricably bound up with the fortunes of their former coach, Oleg Romantsev


Tim Vickery, Zagallo and Tostao - Mario Zagallo and Tostao talk to Tim Vickery about 1970, Pele and the Brazilian style

New Beginnings

Brian Oliver, A Crisis of Legitimacy - Kenyan clubs are leading the fight against corruption in their football association

Shaul Adar, For Richer, For Poorer - How nationalism has shaped the rise and fall of Beitar Jerusalem

In Appreciation of...

Michael Cox, Angelo Di Livio - How the midfielder's loyalty inspired Fiorentina's return from bankruptcy

Gary Naylor, The Football of my Youth - Falling out of love with the modern game


Lars Sivertsen, The Mind has Mountains - Egil Olsen talks about his conception of the game, Wimbledon and geographical trivia

Philippe Auclair, The Harmony of the Sphere - An exploration of the links between football and music

Alexander Jackson, Smash and Thunder - How a change of approach helped Newcastle cast off their chokers tag in the 1910 FA Cup final

John Sinnott, The Head Case - Standard Li

Foreign Soil

Barney Ronay, The Bomb and the Bowler Hat - How modern football was shaped in an internment camp in Berlin

Davidde Corran, Tour of Duty - With the Vietnam War at its height, Australia sent a team to play in a tournament in Saigon

Paul Doyle, The Kennedy Conundrum - Ireland's 1986 tour of Iceland brough their first international trophy, but ended an international career

David Ashton, The Midfield - A veteran remembers the no-man's-land football of the First World War

Jonathan Wilson, The Youth of Today - Clouds, clubs and the collective: reflections on the Under-20 World Cup


Simon Kuper and David Winner, Comparing Apple with Oranje - Were Johan Cruyff and Ajax the John Lennon and Beatles of Amsterdam?

Gabriele Marcotti, The Race Card - Racist chanting is deplorable, but does the rush to condemn it obscure deeper issues?

Musa Okwonga, The Dawson's Creek Principle - Could it be that a US teen drama helps explain anomalies of football history?

Steve Menary, What's a Vote Worth? - How Fifa's attempts to devolve power could be a bribers' charter

Football Manager

Iain Macintosh, The Ballad of Bobby Manager: My Autobiography - When somebody takes their game of Football Manager just a little too seriously...

Greatest Games

Janus Koster Rasmussen, Denmark 4 USSR 2 - World Cup qualifier, Idraetsparken, Copenhagen, 5 June 1985

Eight Bells

Ben Mabley, Great Finishes in Japan - A selection of the most gripping climaxes to the J.League and JSL season

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