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This Issue

Jonathan Wilson, Editor's Note

Fortunes of War

James Montague, Stars of David - The astonishing story of Israel's first national team

Philippe Auclair, The Collaborator - The treacherous life and traitor's death of Alexandre Villaplane, France's first World Cup captain


David Winner, Dennis Bergkamp - David Winner talks to Dennis Bergkamp about his greatest goals, the nature of genius and the importance of predicting the future


Dominic Sandbrook, Revie-Nixon - How ignominious exits overshadow the successes of a US president and a Leeds United manager

Anthony Clavane, Mind of Peace - David Peace discusses the inspiration behind The Damned Utd and why he won't apologise to John Giles

Lawrence Donegan, 44 Days, Later - Why Jock Stein lasted no longer than Brian Clough at Elland Road


Jonathan Wilson, The First Bilardista - How Victorio Spinetto pioneered pragmatism in Argentinian football

Sid Lowe, The Brain in Spain - Juanma Lillo, mentor to Pep Guardiola, explains his thinking on clubs, coaching and why society is sick

Grass Roots

Paul Myers, Duels on the Nile - A report from Sudan on the second championship for Africans playing their football at home

Scott Anthony, An Exile at Home - Vassilis Hatzipanagis, Greece's greatest player, explains why he never played a competitive game for his country

Ben Lyttleton, Port in a Storm - The extraordinary success of the academy at Le Havre

Simon Hooper, Marsh Attacks - How a Sunday League team gives London's Romanians a sense of identity

Denmark '92

Dave Farrar, Once Upon a Time... - The fairy story of Denmark's 1992 European Championship campaign


Gunnar Persson, The Sum of their Parts - The rise and fall of Motala and its football team

Dileep Premachandran, When the Kites weren't Black - The lost legacy of Indian football

David Ashton, Man and Boy - Fathers, sons and the grumbling terraces of industrial Scotland


Simon Kuper, The Pillars of the Earth - Could it be that the Premier League boom has only just begun?

Tim Vickery, What's the Point of Football Writing? - There's more to it than getting up late, isn't there? Isn't there?

Kieron O'Connor, Worlds Apart - Fifa and the financial legacy of the South African World Cup

Football Manager

Iain Macintosh, The Ballad of Bobby Manager: My Autobiography - When somebody takes their game of Football Manager just a little too seriously...

Greatest Games

Rob Smyth, Manchester United 2 Real Madrid 3 - European Cup quarter-final second-leg, Old Trafford, Manchester, 19 April 2000

Eight Bells

Scott Murray, Pre-War Scottish Legends - A selection of eight of the early stars of the game in Scotland

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Customer reviews

  • Issue One 5

    Good stuff this
    Posted by Deanos on 27/05/2011

    The only problem I have with the Blizzard is that it's not a weekly title. Come on lads. Pull your fingers out.

  • Issue One 5

    Refreshing & Unique
    Posted by Jack W. on 28/05/2011

    A great publication and a fantastic departure from the normally limited scope of even the higher quality broadsheets. Some great journalists contribute and there is a lot of variety from intense tactical analysis to fictional tales of football management..

    I must also mention that the quality of the actual copy is great along with the neat and individual graphic design.

    Long live the Blizzard!

  • Issue One 5

    Challenging & refreshing
    Posted by michel glen on 02/06/2011

    I was so bored of newspaper and tv coverage, or lack of it, of football. This fills the hole intelligently and beautifully. Thought provoking articles, well writtten and well laid out. Fantastic. I'm telling all my football buddies about it as soon as i finish this review.

  • Issue One 5

    A good deed in a bad world
    Posted by Ben Stanley on 07/07/2011

    A stirring fightback against poor-quality insta-journalism and mindless profiteering.

  • Issue One 5

    Thank you
    Posted by Franklin Leonard on 10/07/2011

    Really, that's all there is to say.

  • Issue One 5

    The Beautiful Game
    Posted by Steve Dowse on 18/07/2011

    Beautifully produced, beautifully presented and beautifully written.

    I was amazed by the all-round quality. Thank you.

  • Issue One 5

    Posted by Rémi Cerruti on 30/07/2011

    I haven't read all of the first issue yet, but only for the splendid and rewarding interviews of Juanma Lillo and Dennis Bergkamp, The Blizzard is a must-have for all football interested.

  • Issue One 5

    Great Stuff
    Posted by Luke Robison on 16/08/2011

    Some proper journalism in here, in-depth pieces that actually give you a view about football.
    Physically it is also excellent, it feels wonderful

  • Issue One 5

    unique and original!
    Posted by Emir Šehović on 01/01/2012

    Hi, greetings to the all blizzard readers.

    This stuff is great, something very refreshing and new. Very good editor and lot of quality authors with some great highlights. Just be who you are and don't stop.

    Jonathan Wilson is the king.

  • Issue One 5

    Best stuff in any medium
    Posted by Farooq Mohammed on 22/06/2012

    Imagine a magazine written to the highest standard, with the best writers and about football. Well you don't need to imagine anymore, the Blizzard delivers this and more.

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