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Experience The Blizzard in all its luxurious, tactile, sensual glory. Feel it. Read it. Smell it.

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This Issue

Jonathan Wilson, Editor's Note

World Cup Review

Cassiano Gobbet, The Mirror Crack'd - Brazil's 7-1 semi-final defeat will reverberate through history; what went wrong?

Ben Lyttleton, The Inevitable Conclusion - Another World Cup exit on penalties; why can't the Dutch win shoot-outs?

Various, Notes from a Tournament - From Budapest to Buenos Aires: the story of Brazil 2014

Ryu Voekel, Pictures from an Exhibition - A selection of the best photographs from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Past Glories

Elko Born, The Velvet Revolution - Johan Cruyff, Ajax and the struggle for the soul of Dutch football

Dan Nolan, Orban Planning - The Hungarian prime minister's attempts to restore the national team to glory

Rob Smyth, Lars Eriksen and Mike Gibbons, The End of the Affair - How Spain and a misplaced backpass halted Denmark's glorious 1986 World Cup campaign

The Misfits

Richard Jolly, Bye-bye Bebe - The strange Manchester United career of the Portuguese striker

Luke Alfred, Best in Show - While most fans were focused on the 1974 World Cup, George Best was playing in South Africa

Joachim Barbier, The Still Point - Can a player like Javier Pastore make it at a club like Paris St-Germain?

The Revolutionaries

Alex Footman, $10 Per Day - Despite poverty, political turmoil and a lack of infrastructure, football goes on in Afghanistan

John Harding, Football's First Millionaire - How Bolton's Jack Slater smashed class barriers to make his fortune

Pedar Foss, Rise and Fall of Castel Rigone - The entrepreneur, the village team and the experiment in humanistic capitalism

Gunnar Persson, A Passage to Indiana - The Swedish great Murren Caarlsson's doomed attempt to make it in the USA

Philippe Auclair, La Renaissance - Michel Hidalgo survived kidnapping to lead France to the 1978 World Cup


Iain Macintosh, The Quantum of Bobby - Spinning through time and space, Bobby Manager fins himself in Escape to Victory

Scott Murray, Cesar and Alf - How World Cup-winning managers might have the night of their triumph

Greatest Games

Michael Yokhin, Russia 1 Ukraine 1 - Euro 2000 qualifier, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, 9 October 1999

Eight Bells

Jack Lang, Brazillian Courtroom Dramas - A selection of controversies in the Brazilian game that were settled off the pitch

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