Why is the World Cup Boring? The Blizzard Podcast Episode Ninety One

How the nature of international football leads inevitably to sluggish football

Friday 25th August

"So at a World Cup, what we get is a series of teams intent on defending playing against opponents who, even if they are minded to attack, lack the slickness of a top club side. The result is stodgy football. The 1998 World Cup didn’t feel that special at the time — it was no better than 1994 and no match for 1982 or 1986 — but it stands now as a beacon, as the last good World Cup. Perhaps the institution of the World Cup is too great to disappear, at least in the short term, but sooner or later the poverty of the product is going to become an issue. "

In Episode Ninety One of the Blizzard Podcast we revisit "Why is the World Cup Boring?" by Jonathan Wilson, first published in Issue Eleven in December 2013.

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