When do the clocks go back?

Wednesday 2nd October

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When do the clocks go back?

There are a few things about BT Sport that bother us here at The Flurry. We not sure about the omnipresent live studio audience, we don't much care for Michael Owen and the recruitment of Tim Lovejoy for any purpose other than organ-farming is indefensible. But we're prepared to let that go because of the good things.

Following the lead of ESPN, they've elected to cover European football as if it might be worth covering in its own right, as opposed to relating everything within it back to the English game. The pleasingly affable evening chat show is still finding its feet, but has real potential to be a sort of Jon Stewart show for football supporters. And then there's the Premier League coverage itself which, as Barry Glendenning noted this week, BT have chosen to augment with, "blokes who used to play football watching and commenting on a game of football." And that's absolutely fine.

But we're not accepting that bottom-left-of-the-screen-clock nonsense, no. Whose idea was that? Have them flayed with burning ropes and dipped into a giant bag of salt and vinegar crisps. A clock in the bottom left of the screen is no use to us. How are we going to see the score if we're in a busy pub, jostling for space, trying not to spill half a pint of Old Geoff's Winkie Shrinker on our Flossys, eh?

Clock shifting is just change for the sake of change and we're not keen on that. It suggests that the purpose of the exercise is simply to do things differently to Sky, rather than doing things better. And, as unfashionable as it is to say it, Sky have been doing this quite well for over 20 years now.

And here's the biggest secret of all, TV-types: We like football. We like it loads. You don't have to overthink this. We'd watch the football if it was hosted by Tony Blackburn and commented upon by Norman Lamont and that kid from One Direction who looks like Susan Boyle because, you know what? It would still be better than anything involving 'Lawro'.

Just do the simple things well, put the clock back at the top of the screen and it'll all be ok. You're trying too hard.


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