The Squall Update – April 10

Support with PayPal

The response to our call for articles for the first issue and beyond of The Squall has been overwhelming. We have had well over a hundred pitches and plenty of people have donated to the cause before the first issue is even out. Thanks to all of you – freelancers and generous contributors alike – for getting The Squall off the ground.

Based on the positive reaction, we have decided that we will produce The Squall every month, even when The Blizzard appears. You can see more about our next few themes – “Sliding doors”, “Short-lived tournaments” and “Battles” – on our previous blog here and the address for sending in your ideas and articles is still

We do now have fully functioning bank and PayPal accounts for The Squall, through which people can pay what they like for each issue, or simply contribute to the cause. You can transfer money to the bank account (name Squall Freelance, sort code 40-05-17, account number 71515942) or click on the button to donate via PayPal. Any money paid into either of these accounts will be used for the sole purpose of producing future issues (we will be publishing account statements to show that is the case).

Finally, as a taster for the first issue of The Squall, on the theme of right backs, have a look at our video below. Words courtesy of Adam Burnett, music by Billy Joel! Thanks to Adam Thornton for putting it together… we hope you enjoy it.