Location, Location, Location - The Blizzard Podcast Episode Ninety

Which is more important? How it looks or where a stadium is?

Wednesday 23rd August

"Colchester United, Northampton Town, Stoke City, Swansea City: outsiders have to take a detour to visit the town. If you're looking for the stadium and come across something interesting, you've got lost.

"It seems as if no club in England these days can build a stadium without the muscle of a major supermarket chain who use the emotional clout of football as a Trojan horse to win planning permission and part-fund the project. So it's not a shock that many new grounds are functional boxes that don't look much different from supermarkets.

"With little incentive to be original they are often as bland as their surroundings. And what's chiefly being improved and regenerated: wasteland or the bank balances of landowners and property developers?"

In Episode Ninety of the Blizzard Podcast we look back at "Location,. Location, Location" by Tom Dart, first published in Issue Six in 2012.

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