How Money Affects Title Odds in La Liga

Football these days is one big industry. And like in every industry, money takes pretty much the central place.

Thursday 5th September

In football, the only important thing is the result, and when it comes to top clubs, they are using the money to reach the best ones.

As time went by, the gap between the clubs was getting bigger and bigger, and all because of the money. Nowadays, we have some sides who have enormous financial resources and are able to position themselves better than the majority of other rivals.

The same thing goes for La Liga championship. Two of the biggest clubs are in fact, the richest in Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid. It was only in the recent years that Atletico Madrid managed to come closer to them, but the red and white from Madrid are still far away from the duo. They have buit the new stadium and have made some inovations, but that is not enough.

There are some middle-class clubs like Valencia, Real Sociedad, Athletic Bilbao, but they are inferior to the above-mentioned. As for the rest of the league, their situation is not for comparison with either of these clubs.

It is no wonder why the top three clubs have much bigger chances of reaching the title than the rest of the league. We will bring up several statistical facts here in order to explain how things work.

Out of €1.3 billion spent by Spanish top tier clubs this summer, €805 million were the expenses of those three clubs. That is approximately 62% of the entire sum. The rest 17 clubs spent less than half a billion.

Now to see the odds for taking the trophy. Barcelona tops the list with 3/4 for retaining the title. According to most of the experts, Ernesto Valverde's crew is really the best team in the league. Blaugrana didn't change the team that much, but they added Antonie Griezmann from Atletico for €120 million. Real Madrid, who suffered a major reconstruction is the second favorite with 11/4, while Atletico Madrid whose transfer is the biggest this summer, €126 million for Joao Felix, is third with 8/1. You see, despite all that money invested, Simeone's boys are still behind the untouchable duo from bookmakers point of view. But this doesn't have to mean anything, as Atletico already showed us that in 2014 by taking the trophy. If you think that Los Rojiblancos can repeat such a success, use our risk free bets UK and gamble on them to take the title.

These three sides are worth around €3 billion. Now, the teams who are the main contenders for the relegation don't have the value of one of the average players form Real or Atletico.

For example, the entire roster of Real Mallorca is worth €40 million. The odds for them to go down are 11/10. The club with the lowest market value in La Liga is Granada, with €30 million. El Grana is the second contender for going to Segunda with 6/5, while Alaves sits third with 5/2, Leganes is right behind them with 11/4.

So, money does play an important role in La Liga. Maybe the crucial one, as we saw from the mentioned examples. The richest teams created a huge gap between them and the rest of the league, and the poorest are struggling to survive. But what fascinates is the difference between the values of those sides.

But that is just football these days.