The Greatest Games – Chelsea 4 Barcelona 2

We're joined on today's episode of Greatest Games, by The Athletic's Adam Hurrey! He brings to the table an iconic Champions League tie as Barcelona arrived at Stamford Bridge for the second leg of their Last 16 tie.

Barcelona ended up winning that season's La Liga in imperious fashion, and had the upper hand after their 2-1 win at the Camp Nou. The teams returned to London two weeks later, with José Mourinho naming the teams in the press conference leading up to the game.

This tie served as a backdrop to the beginning of the totemic battle between the two managers, and the night featured a cocksure José Mourinho at "the perfect sweet spot of his arrogance" on one side of the ledger and, on the other, Ronaldinho at his dazzling, brilliant best. Yes, it's that goal.


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