Get it in the Mixer

You don’t see an unusual set-piece routine come off very often. In fact, they usually end up making the players look a bit silly. Last night was one of those magical moments where it worked.

Barcelona’s players, stunned by the scoreline and labouring to organise their defence were unaware of the danger as Alexander-Arnold placed the ball down by the corner flag. He stepped back, as if to take a normal corner, before spotting Origi unmarked in the middle of the box and sliding it across to be tapped home. Barcelona hadn’t even realised what was happening until it had happened.

The comeback was complete. And with one of the cheekiest goals the Champions League has ever seen. It was the sort of moment that makes the old fella at the back look rather foolish after his insistent shouts of “GET IT IN THE #!*£@ING MIXER!”.

So after Trent’s corner last night we scoured the darkened corners of our minds and remembered a few other brilliant and/or hilarious set-piece routines that came off.

Va Va Voom.

Before England there was Bochum.

We think about this Pirlo dummy often.

Northampton or Brazil?

Heroic effort from Serbia. Finally a use for all those star jumps you had to do at school.

We've missed a lot here and we'd love to know your favourites. You can send them in on Twitter and we'll add the best submissions to the list below...




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