Declan Rice Prank

West Ham are back in action in the Premier League this weekend but what have the players been getting up to off the pitch?

Declan Rice took part in a West Ham and Betway photoshoot, playing FIFA 20 with team-mate Ryan Fredericks.

All is going well until Rice goes outside and realises his car is getting clamped.

It’s safe to say the midfielder isn't best pleased, especially when the ‘traffic warden’ asks for a selfie before saying that a pickup truck is on its way to tow the car away.

Little does Rice realise, Hammers’ captain Mark Noble is actually communicating with the ‘traffic warden’ and is ready to appear at the end in a hi-vis jacket.

We'd probably watch a lot more Hollywood movies if the big reveal of the evil mastermind gave us Nobes chuckling away in a hi-vis jacket.

The clamper.