The 100 Greatest Premier League Players

Sometimes life isn't fair but that doesn't mean you shouldn't shout about it.

Friday 29th March

The Independent's fooball writers have just finished the long process of counting down the 100 best players in Premier League history featuring names like Dimitar Berbatov (51st), Roy Keane (4th), Freddie Ljungberg (85th) and James Milner (97th).

As is always the case with these things, a few (quite good) players have missed out.


Paul Robinson's five assists weren't quite enough and Gareth "Most appearances ever but never that good" Barry didn't make the cut either. And what about Kevin Phillips 30 goals in 99/00? We feel that Jermain Defoe, Dimitri Payet, Philippe Coutinho and Chrisian Eriksen have all been a little unfortunate here...

Defoe, Spurs' sixth highest goalscorer of all time, had a hugely successful Premier League career. He excelled in East and North London and single-handedly kept Sunderland up towards the end. Payet also had a brilliant spell at West Ham, where he scored free-kicks for fun and had Slaven Bilic celebrating on ITV studio tables. Both deserve to have sneaked on somewhere.


Phil Coutinho was just incredible. Over his five year spell at Liverpool he astounded with goals, assists and skills that defied logic and then we come to Christian Eriksen, who has been absolutely key to Spurs' recent rise to the top despite their poultry budget compared to competitors. Eriksen has been the man consistently creating the chances for Harry Kane and co., and he's scored a hatful of goals. Certainly these two deserve recognition.

But that's just what we think... Who else has been missed?

You can see The Independent's top 100 here.