Forthcoming Events

There are no forthcoming events.

Any Questions?

To try and pre-empt a few of the most typical questions we get asked about our events:

  • Yes, where possible we cover our events live on Twitter.
  • Yes, subject to technical (in)competence, we hope to have events available in podcast form shortly after, but this isn't always possible. 
  • No, we’re sorry that we don’t have an event planned for [insert your town/city here] at the moment, unless it's listed above.
  • No, we don’t have tons of cash, so we’re unlikely to head to America/Australia/[insert your country here] any time soon. But, if you’re an event promoter or a wealthy benefactor who’d like to host a Blizzard Q&A event somewhere near you, whether at home or abroad, then our door is always open. Drop us a line to

Past Blizzard Events

View videos and download podcasts of previous Blizzard events here.

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