Plans to see a major football tournament

France, particularly Paris, on edge

A road trip north to south and back again

England fan cools off in the Med at Marseille ahead of the Russia match

Russia fans cross the road as things hot up in Marseille ahead of the England match

Northern Ireland have a special date with Poland in Nice

Northern Ireland fans with their idol claim bragging rights in Nice

France dries out after the wettest spring on record

Another heavy storm hits the Belgium v Italy game in Lyon

Iceland fans treated to an avenue of Welcome by Portugal in St Étienne

An Iceland fan ahead of the historic encounter with Portugal in Lyon

Lens had a relaxed approach to hosting a major tournament

Police take action in Lille

Albania fans in Lille before their game against France

Albania fans walk by trouble in Lille

England fans before the game against Wales

An England fan prepared for the game in Lens

The Queen declares her support for River Plate

Retro fashion before the England v Wales game in Lens

Wales fans ready for the game against England

Welsh fans in Swansea for the semi-final against Portugal

Glastonbury 2016 Class of 66 tramp through the Somme-like mud

A boy finds his homecoming Wales a little bit awesome, streets of Cardiff

Eye to eye contact - possible with a smaller nation homecoming, streets of Cardiff

James Dean and Nicky Wire and Manics - giving it the c'Mon Wales, homecoming concert Cardiff

Bale and co watching their own feats, homecoming concert Cardiff